Boats and Yachts

boat wraps and yacht wraps

One of the best ways to ensure you boat or yacht has that unique look is through a custom boat wrap at Sign Art. Whether it be something as simple as your license number in your favorite font or a complete custom designed wrap, we’ve got a solution for you! While it would be nice to be able to repaint your boat or yacht every couple of years, for many people that is not an option. A custom boat or yacht wrap is a cost effective way to solve this problem, and in many cases a wrap will give you more custom options for your money than a paint job ever could. We use high quality materials that will stand up for years against the wear and tear, and best of all a wrap can even preserve your original paint! We can wrap any size boat or yacht, and have a wide range of material options to choose from.

Personal Watercraft

One of the best things about living in Southern California is that water sports and activities for some are year round. At Sign Art we love that dedication to your hobby and we understand how important it is to stand out from the crowd. With a custom wrap from Sign Art we will make sure your personal watercraft is also a personal expression! So maybe you’re looking for the one of a kind custom design, or possibly you want to redo the factory look, either way Sign Art can transform your personal water craft plastics into something people will remember.