Large format printing is the largest growing area in the printing industry! Research shows that large signs are proven to be more memorable, allowing your large print to stick in the minds of all who see it! Sign Art offers various types of large format printing for your specific needs. Take a look at what Sign Art can do for you!

Types of Large Format Printing:

Floor Graphics

floor graphics

Floor graphics can be used for a variety of purposes and display a variety of information. Grocery stores and retail stores generally use Floor Graphics to advertise specific brands or products that they sell. It is a great way to highlight a sale price or a new brand or product. Floor graphics can also be applied to sidewalks, streets and showroom floors to promote an upcoming event.

Sign Art can design, print and install floor graphics for any type of hard surface floors. Though some floor graphics are for temporary use, many floor graphics be used for a year or more depending upon the location of the graphics, the material used and the amount of foot traffic over the graphics. Most material used for floor graphics is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and regular weather conditions. If you are looking to add eye catching advertisement methods, floor graphics is a great place to start. Contact the experts at Sign Art today to discuss ideas and pricing for your floor graphic needs!

Wall murals

wall murals and graphics

Wall graphics are a very unique, effective way to advertise, especially for local businesses. Wall graphics can range from a simple logo graphic to an entire wall covered in a design of your choice! Sign Art can design and install customized wall graphics of any size on interior and exterior walls. Wall graphics can be applied to drywall, stucco, brick and concrete and generally last outdoors for 7 years and indoors up to 10 years.

When considering large, outdoor wall graphics for the side of your business, Sign Art highly recommends looking into your local ordinances to ensure that all wall graphics are in compliance with local regulations. If you have questions or need assistance, give us a call and we will be glad to help!

Window Graphics

window graphics and decals

Large format window graphics are most typically used in storefronts and can include (but not limited to) the business name, logo, hours of operation and slogans. Window graphics can be applied to the interior or exterior of the window, depending on the look you want. Though the most common window graphic project at Sign Art is for storefronts, you can order window graphics for various reasons. We do vinyl decals, etched glass material, window perforation, and window block outs. If you are unsure if our window graphic services apply to your needs, give us a call! No window graphic order is too large or too small for Sign Art.

Large Banner Prints

Custom made banners are a perfect way to get your message across at an affordable rate. Banners can be printed on indoor or outdoor material and usually last about 3-6 months. When you purchase a banner from Sign Art, you have full color printing options and a wide variety of sizes to choose from at competitive prices!

Large banner prints are used for a variety of purposes including advertising for an upcoming event, local sport teams, retail promotions, parties and events, displays, shows, product descriptions and details and MUCH more. No matter the purpose of your banner print, we will provide our professional insight on the material and sizes to fulfill your needs!

Whether you want Sign Art to design a banner for you, or you already have the design ready, we are prepared for your requests! All banners printed by Sign Art are hemmed around the edges to improve the strength of the banner dramatically. We also punch holes in each corner, double the layer and add grommets for your hanging convenience.


Canopies, also known as E-Z Ups, are used for a wide variety of occasions, both commercially and professionally. Depending on the canopy, graphics can be applied to a number of places in a variety of colors and sizes. Custom canopy prints are a great way to display logos, business names, product names, team names and designs. In fact, most companies invest in customized canopy prints to maximize their company branding while attending trade shows or events. It is a proven fact that you only have 7 seconds to make an impact on your target audience, which is why custom canopies have such a dramatic effect on impacting your audience. They are large, colorful, tall, stand out in a crowd and most importantly have a great impact on first impressions!

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